Saturday, January 1, 2011

Who do you follow?

I am currently reading a book co-authored by my favorite living Christian author Shane Claiborne and his mentor John Perkins called Follow Me To Freedom in it they ask the reader to list some of the people that they follow. I am a book lover and somewhat hate writing in books, so I am posting this list on my blog...because its my blog and I can do what I want. I would list Jesus on this list but that would just be lame and tacky(although I do follow Jesus) so here is the best of the rest of my list.

1. Shane Claiborne - This kind of goes without saying, but he is one of my favorite authors, I love how he practices what he preaches. He doesn't just say "Help the poor", he gets on his hands and knees and gets to work, and lives among those whom he wants to help. I also love his humility, he never takes credit for anything but always gives God the glory. I wish I could be more like that.

2. Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove- I love JWH,  he is such a great writer and very down to earth. I love that he is very human and personable, he doesn't distance himself from people.

3. Phil Wickham - I have this secret dream that one day I will wake up and be Phil Wickham. But seriously I wish I could be half the worship leader that Phil is. He is a professional at getting out of the way and yet still leading people in worship, while maintaining a humble attitude.

4. Dr. Roger Olsen - Read his book Questions to All Your Answers, and you will follow him too.

5.MLK- Yes, I am putting up Martin Luther King Jr. I love MLK, not just for his civil rights activism. But the man could preach a good word. Don't believe me? Go and read some of his transcribed sermons. Amazing stuff.

6. Dorothy Day - A Catholic woman who leaves a life a privilege to serve the poor and live in the inner-city. She dropped out of college and moved to NYC refused to live off oh her parents money and supported herself. She was a bohemian then in 1927 joined the Catholic church. In the 1930's she started the Catholic Worker Newspaper. She advocated for women's rights, birth control, and free love, yet maintained opposition to the sexual revolution. What a woman.

7.  The Bobo Spiritual Life Staff - Go to Baylor and meet them, you will love them all.

8. Brooke Fraser - I love Brooke, she is a great musician and artist that doesn't sacrifice actual music just to sell a few more albums. Every bit of her heart is poured into her music, because she sees everything she does as an offering to God.

9.  My friends - Yes, when I ask for advice I am asking for you to lead...sometimes. Maybe.

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. Yes I am leaving it at 9. Yes it is not an even number. muhahaha (that is a sinister laugh, I learned it from a friend of mine).