Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Statement of Faith

For my Doctrines & Themes class I had to make a statement of faith that was at the most only one page long. Since I am not very creative when it comes to writing out what I believe - I wrote it out in creedal form. 

I believe:
In the Holy Spirit the Revealer – one with the Creator and the Redeemer
The Holy Spirit is restoring the bond of love, trust, and communication betwixt the Creator and creation
The Revealer speaks through prophets/heretics, music, Scriptures, doctrines, and many other forms of communication

In Jesus the Redeemer – one with the Creator and the Restorer
Who has been revealed to all of humanity by way of the Revealer through Holy Scriptures, Reason, Personal Experiences, and Tradition
The very embodiment of the Creator’s vision for humanity

In God the Creator – the Mother/Father, the Beginning & the End
Through whom all was made and is being made new
Through whom all natural laws have been written
From whom all that is good comes
From whom all love flows

In Holy Scriptures both canonical and non-canonical
All inspired by God and used by God to serve God’s purposes in the world
In the sacredness of all of creation
In the explicit and implicit company of the saints
In the practices of Revelation, Resurrection, Recreation
In not fearing death

And in abundant life